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How To Place An Ad

On Classic Cars Net Free Classifieds

1) Go to

2) Click on "Register" (located in upper right under the bikini girl).

3) This will take you to the Registration Agreement.

4) Click on the appropriate "I agree" line.

5) The only Registration Information required is a Username, Email, and Password. All the other information is Optional. 

6) You will also have to fill in the Verification Code Box (case sensitive).

7) Now go towards the bottom of page and press "Submit".

8) You are now on the Information Form, Press "Click Here for Free Cars Net Classifieds".

9) Now Press "Login" in upper right hand corner (next to Register).

10) Enter your Username and Password, Press "Submit".

11) You will now be taken to the Main Classifieds Page where you will now see "Place An Ad" and "Login" has changed to "Logout". If this doesn't happen, you are not Logged In. Please Try Again.

12) Choose your Categories and Enter Your Ad, & Upload Photos.

If you find you still need assistance, please feel free to email me at .
Thanks for placing your ad with the Classic Cars Net Free Classifieds!






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