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Replacing Windshields


I replace windshields for a living. People come in all the time needing to replace their windshields. This is due to a variety of reasons. More often than not, a damaged windshield that was never repaired will have to be replaced.

My brother works with some guys that repair damaged windshields. They can fix chips in windshields that happened from rocks or debris on the roads. Once the windshield has started the crack, repair is no longer an option.

Insurance usually covers the cost of replacing windshields. I make sure that I give detailed and professional receipts to my customers so that they can be reimbursed for their claims. I have only had one person ever come back by and tell me that their insurance company thought that the price of replacing their windshield was too high.

For some reason, I seem to replace a lot more Chevy windshields than Ford windshields. I have no idea why that is. I have a picture of a Ford truck getting a new windshield in my brochure, so that isnít it. I have gotten a lot of business through word of mouth, but I want to grow faster.

I first got involved

in replacing windshields because a buddy of mine in high school taught me how to do it in his dadís shop. Working at his dadís shop was actually our first job and we loved it. I stayed on when my friend went off to trade school. By then, I had a wife and needed a steady income.

I figure that as long as there are cars, people will need windshieldS. It doesnít matter what kind of fuel they use or how big they are, they will always have windshields. I feel like I have job security and I really do enjoy my work.

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