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My Broken Car Radiator


My engine is damaged because I didnít listen to my dad telling me how to care for car radiators. He always was trying to tell me about maintaining the cooling system, but I didnít want to listen. Apparently, my engine produced a lot of extra heat and now my dad is not sure if his mechanic can even fix the engine.

From now on, I have promised myself and my dad that I will always top off the coolant in my car. I further promise that I will notice if the coolant level in my car radiator is consistently low. If I notice any problems with my car radiator, I will immediately have it professionally checked.

My dad was so mad when I told him that the engine always runs hot. He said that I should have mentioned that to him a long time ago and that it meant that my car radiator had problems. I told him that I just didnít know enough about how cars worked.

I do think that my dad has gone a little bit overboard about the car radiator. Okay, so I damaged the engine a little. He thinks that I am actually going to visually inspect the system.

I am not getting dirty looking for corrosion and breaks in the car radiator. I am not feeling around for cracked hoses and rusted clamps. I think that my dad can do these things for me while he checks the gasket on the radiator cap and checks

my oil.

I think that the most important thing under the hood of the car is the windshield wiper cleaner. I hate when the car wonít drive, but once the car radiator is fixed and the engine is repaired that will be a distant memory. My dad knows the guy working on my car and Iím sure heíll do a great job.

My dad called me and told me the progress of my car radiator repair. I made it seem like I was interested, but I was bored to death. He told me that they performed a bunch of tests and that I had a bad thermostat. He said that he was going to pay the mechanic for me. I knew that he would.

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