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How to Find Cheap Car Insurance, Superior Service & Save Hundreds

Everyone is looking for ways to find cheap car insurance without sacrificing service. If your not, then you should be. The key is to lower your car insurance rates, but still get the best car insurance policy available. Here are some simple ways to get cheap car insurance.

The first thing is so simple, but far too often overlooked. Make sure you are getting every discount available. When doing this you have to look at every discount possible. Some examples are group discounts such as credit unions, alumni associations, bank affiliations, etc.. Other discounts include multi-policy, multi-vehicle, good driver discounts. Remember every company doesn't have the same discounts that will apply to you. This is one reason why some companies are so much cheaper than others. Every company doesn't necessarily want your business. Just remember to give them a try with all of your business. This usually opens the door to more discounts!

The next thing to do is to get multiple quotes. The more companies that quote your car insurance, just means more opportunities to get cheap car insurance quotes. This is where the Internet has helped us all so dearly! You can go on line to multiple services and get 3-5 quotes with minimal work on you part.

Another way to get cheap car insurance is to compare different coverages. Sometimes raising your deductibles from $250 up to $500 can save you hundreds of dollars per year. Also, look at various coverages such as car rental. If you have multiple vehicles you may not need the coverage. This usually runs $50-75/year. Don't skimp on car rental coverage if you don't have access to a temporary replacement car. This could also cost you hundreds of dollars to rent a vehicle if your in an accident and your vehicle is in the shop for a couple of weeks.

Utilize this information when shopping on line for Cheap Car Insurance. Just remember, the only thing that you want cheap when it comes to car insurance is the rates. Make sure you have full trust in the company that you choose. If they aren't an A rated company, then you might want to pass to one that is.

You can get free cheap car insurance quotes online. One service that has helped millions save hundreds is listed below.

Here is a valuable source to help you save hundreds on your car insurance. Get Cheap Car Insurance Quotes here. If you are a Michigan resident, then let Jayson Lash help you find Michigan Car Insurance

Cheap Car Insurance Phoenix Arizona - Here's The Way To Get It

Phoenix, Arizona drivers have one of the highest rates in the country according to a report last year. There are many things you can do to lower your car insurance without leaving Phoenix, Arizona. Here they are...

1) Reduce your mileage. Carpooling is an option. Using public transport is also an option. Just make sure you do everything within your power to reduce your mileage. Your mileage affects your premium.

2) Ask for higher deductibles. Make sure you make it as high as you can handle. The higher your deductibles the lower your car insurance rates.

3) Make sure you have theft-deterrent devices. They'll lower the chances that your car would be stolen. You certainly know that Arizona has very high car theft figures. Insurance companies factor these in.

4) Take a course in defensive driving. Defensive drivers in Phoenix, Arizona pay far less than regular drivers. The simple reason being that training in defensive driving makes you more safety conscious on the road while also giving skills that make you avoid things that lead to accidents. You are also able to respond better if caught in such situations.

5) Make sure you pay your bills on time. If you default in payments, it will affect your credit rating. And, believe it or not, anything that affects your credit rating negatively also affects your car insurance rates negatively.

This is because insurance companies believe that people who default in their regular bills are often more likely to default in their premiums. They also believe that they are less responsible and more likely to be reckless on the road. Although some people disagree with such generalization, that's the position.

6) Keep your driving record as clean and great as possible. Those speeding tickets cost you much more than the fines you pay. They add to your car insurance premium.

7) Get quotes from at least three quotes sites that return quotes for Phoenix, Arizona. I recommend this minimum because that reduces the chances that you'll miss offers not presented on some of the other sites. I also recommend that you use quotes sites run by insurance brokers. Apart from giving you unbiased results, they also return 5 or more quotes for each request.

Once you get your quotes, it's now time to compare them. You can simply go for the lowest quote. However, I recommend that you take a little more time to look at the value you get for the price. You'll save anywhere between a few hundred dollars to a thousand and much more if you do this well.

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