As a responsible, legal driver it happens to us all. Every year a letter arrives from your car insurer informing you of the renewal date and your car insurance premium for the coming year. In most cases, your insurer will make life really easy for you and you will be required to do absolutely nothing. Your insurer will automatically renew your policy for another year and simply debit your payment card or continue to take monthly installments from your bank.

Unfortunately, if this scenario sounds familiar and you are one of the many drivers that allows this to happen you are almost certainly going to pay a price for your apathy. The simple fact is that if you let your car insurance renewal pass by without looking for a better deal you could be paying far more than you need to.

Broadly speaking, most car insurers do not reward you for being a loyal customer. Instead, they concentrate their efforts on offering discounts to attract new customers. They then increase the premium the following year to make a profit. This is why you are likely to find that your renewal quote is more expensive than your original premium.

In today’s market place there is little excuse to not shop around for a better deal. There are a number of price comparison websites that can be used to search for an improved quote. Consider though, that a cheaper policy may not provide the same cover as your current insurer. For example, there may be a higher excess or your insurance cover may be limited. For this reason, it is essential to compare policies on a like for like basis and ensure that the policy covers you for the things that you consider important. In short, it is not a question of simply going for the cheapest.

Car security is also factor that will affect your insurance premium. Most insurers will offer a discount if you can park your car on a driveway or better still, in a garage, rather than on the road. Fitting an approved alarm, immobilizer or tracking device could also see further savings.

If you can afford to do so you should always try to pay the full amount for your premium upfront. Avoid monthly payments if you possibly can as some insurers are likely to charge between 10%-20% or even more for this service.

Finally, if you do find a new insurer offering a better deal be sure to inform your previous insurer that you wish to cancel your policy as you do not want end up paying for your car insurance twice.

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Car Insurance Quotes – Do You Pay too Much For Car Insurance?

Having a car can be a very pleasurable experience, as it will allow you to travel from one place to another with comfort. It can really ease the pressure from going to work as you can travel with your car every day. However, one thing that you need to watch out for is car theft and car accidents. No matter how careful a driver that you may be, you can always be involved in a car accident or a car mishap.

An accident can occur due to variety of reasons. It can happen due to reduced visibility conditions such as night time driving or it can even happen due to faulty road conditions and even bad weather conditions. Or you might be very careful, but the other driver may be very careless. Hence, an accident can always occur. Or sometimes your car may be stolen even in the best of conditions. You can park your car at night and by morning you can see that it has gone due to car theft.

In order to accommodate for all the risks mentioned above, it is important for you to get a car insurance in order to protect yourself against the risks. However, when you receive car insurance quotes, you may be surprised at the amount of different quotes that you may receive. Of course, there are some criteria that you can influence, so that you can get a cheaper car insurance quote.

First of all, it is important for you to show the insurance company that you are less of a risk by demonstrating your good will and your capacity. Many factors can influence this condition. Statistically, insurance companies have gained some results that show them which factors can be of a less risk. These factors include your age, your marital status, your occupation, your income level, your past credit history as well as the age and the make of your car. Sometimes, even the neighborhood that you live in can become an important factor.

Hence, if you are married and if you are above the age of 25, then chances are that you will be able to get a cheap auto insurance quote. In addition, if you live in a relatively safe neighborhood and if your car is an economic vehicle, then you will be able to get excellent results in your search for a cheap auto insurance. Of course, you can also add additional safety features such as an immobilizer or an alarm to your car in order to get even more reduced rates.

Another factor that you can control to get a reduced car insurance cost is the mileage factor. In principle, if you are going to do less than ten thousand (10,000) miles per year; then you should be able to get more favorable rates on your auto insurance. In order to calculate your auto insurance, you should multiply your daily commute mileage to work by two, then you should multiply it by 365 to get your figure. Then you need to add 4000 miles to it to get your annual estimate for your mileage. Thus, by using all of these factors, you will be able to get cheap car insurance quotes.

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